Everyday Goddess


""Awakening the goddess within""
Stefanie Nelson is a Licensed Spiritual Healer and Licensed Beautician who assists her clients to find the balance that nurtures both their spirit and soul. Stefanie practices and teaches Feng Shui, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Crystal Therapy and Holistic Skin Care. Her teachers include: James and Helen Jay, Nancy Santo Pietro, Grand Master Professor Lin Yun, Judith Lukomski, David Hulse ,Karen Noe and Lynn Diehl.


 Enhance your well-being with one of our Specialty Services, each are designed to promote relaxation and bring you balance and harmony, from your head to your toes! We are committed to impacting lives in a positive way, and to empower ourselves and others, to experience greater mental, physical and emotional health and well-ness. -Namaste

The information on this website describes complementary techniques that may help to facilitate the rejuvenation of one`s  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is never our intention to diagnose or treat specific medical or psychological conditions, impairments or diseases. As always, in the event of any of the symptoms described herein, seek the advice of a professional health practitioner.
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